And it Begins!

Welp, since I need something to display on my site so it doesn’t look so barren, here’s a quick post explaining my goal with the site and what to expect in the near future.

The overall goal of this site is to have a place where I can stretch my writing legs and possibly develop my writing skills a bit more. I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been itching to dive back in to it so I figured this would be a good opportunity to get that fix.

As of right now, I’m wanting to write reviews for things like Anime, Games, Tech/Computers and possibly a few other things. There won’t be any set schedule for anything as of yet, but that can change in the future. In terms of things like anime reviews, I have a couple rules that I will have set for myself, things like completion of the series (or if it is a long series that is broken up into many seasons, then the completion of a season), No number scaling for reviews, number scaling in reviews is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, as most of the time it’s used as a summery and doesn’t give a full story to what the series is actually like, I will only be giving a “Can Recommend” or a “Can’t Recommend” at the end of my reviews. Since the name of the site is Antz Unpopular Perspective (was going to be Opinion but I had a bit of a brain fart when buying my domain so I just ran with it) I’ll be voicing my opinions on series that may have a lot of high praise, and are rated highly by the majority, but since I’m not the majority my opinions often differ from those. Now I won’t just be spewing nonsense about how a series is terrible because I just don’t like it, I’ll actually be putting some thought and reasoning behind my reviews. Also, not all reviews are going to be negative, I happen to like a lot of series that other people don’t like very much and the same applies to those.

Since this post is running a little long I’m gonna wrap it up here, I’ll be working on a dedicated page with rules and how my reviews will work, Everything is going to be a work in progress for a bit so please bare with me through this process.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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