My Dissapointing Anime of 2018

Just to be clear, this isn’t about anime that aired in 2018, just anime I watched in 2018. This also won’t be in depth reviews of these series so they’ll be pretty brief and just contain some of my thoughts on the series as a whole.

With that out of the way, I’ll start by saying I watched a modest 40 different anime over the course of 2018, a couple were movies but they count, at least to me, and anime-planet. Out of those 40 there were some great, some pretty good, a few meh, and a couple that were so bad I decided to make a website complaining about them… One I’ve already written an angry post about and if you’re interested in reading an incoherent 2500+ word post about why I thought it was terrible, I’ll have it linked at the end of this post.

As for the others, I’ll start with one I watched earlier in the year, Ergo Proxy.

710H9Ku4HQL._RI_.jpgNow, this show wasn’t a complete dumpster fire, it had some really cool aspects to it and the story was very interesting, at least the first half of it anyway. I loved the art style and setting a ton. The story, although it started off strong, kind of flopped towards the middle and end of the series for me, it felt like they took too much time trying to build up to a big conclusion, only to rush said conclusion. The last few episodes whipped by at break neck speed and the ending felt unfulfilling. The character development went from a steady pace to “oh crap we only have like 4 episodes left this should be enough”. I ended the series and watched the final credits audibly saying “what the hell, is that it?”.

The next series I’ll talk about was The World God Only Knows,


and the first thing I’ll say about this series is “How the hell do you have 3 filler episodes in a 12 episode season!?”. This was another series that really got under my skin, it honestly only had one, maybe two really likable characters. That being Elsie and Shiori (personally like that character type, don’t judge me and I won’t judge you). Now before I go any further, I have not seen the second or third seasons so this is all based on the first season. I honestly hate the main character, and he’s probably the weakest point in the series. The plot was fine and I liked the general idea they were going for. I just couldn’t appreciate it as much as I could have if they wrote the main character differently. He was just outright unbearable to listen to through the series. I know it’s his character type, so I guess I hate that character type, but I feel the series could have been much better with a different character type. I didn’t have a problem with most of the other cookie cutter characters in the series since they made sense for the plot and were at the very least bearable while on screen. They also didn’t take away from the story they were trying to tell. I didn’t have an issue with pacing outside of the 3 very unnecessary filler episodes. This was just another series that didn’t click with me in the slightest. Funny enough it was another Manglobe series.

The last series would have to be Akame Ga Jesus Christ they killed another character because they couldn’t develop them any further Kill!5690b71c35e4948e9cb3770bba44b6f1

I’m not gonna get too deep into why this series bugged me to the point of spending money on making a website immediately after finishing the series. As poorly written as the post is, it covers a good bit of why I didn’t like most of the series. There is actually a line in Beyond the Boundary (which I’m currently watching through) that sums up my feeling about the show pretty well. I’m pretty sure it’s in the first episode and if you’ve seen it you’ll probably know what I’m talking about based on the first sentence in this paragraph. Now if you’d like to read the (IMO) very poorly and heated post, you can find it HERE.


Considering that there are only 3 series in the post that I found to be pretty bad, I’d say it was a pretty decent year watching anime. Later this week I’ll be writing another post with the stand out series that I watched in 2018 so stay tuned for that!

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