Bit of an Update

So towards the beginning of the year I made a post about what I wanted to do with the site, and almost immediately after that post, I had an opprotunity present itself that I couldn’t say no to. I started testing Visual Novels for a company here in the states, so that ate up a good chunk of the little free time I had. Things have quieted down for now and I feel like I can actually put some time into the site again. I’ll be making an effort to post on a regular basis, similar to the post I made earlier today. Things like Anime recommendations and reviews. I still aim to do the things I set out to do in the post I made toward the beginning of the year, plus some other stuff. I am pushing to have at least 2 decently lengthy posts a week and if I have an idea that doesn’t take too much time, then I’ll scatter smaller content throughout the week as well. So look forward to some fresh content on the site!

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