The Lost Chaos of Finding Anime

A bit of a different post from what is on the site, with this post I’ll be talking a bit about nostalgia and my feelings towards how the magic of randomly finding a series to watch has kind of been lost in the age of the internet (for me personally).

So, I get this feeling every once in a while, mostly when I’m a bit sleep deprived (which is often). I arrived at work this morning, and like usual I had some free time before I needed to start. I’d started to reminisce about the feeling I used to get when walking into a video store to find a new series to watch. I didn’t go in with any particular anime in mind, I would just search through the glorious wall of box sets and assorted volumes of DVDs that were available at the time. The feeling of spotting some box art that jumped out at you and reading the synopsis on the back of the box has kind of lost it’s charm in the age of the internet, where all of the information on a series is readily available on demand. As well as countless reviews to go along with all that information, telling you whether a series is worth while, or if you should avoid it like that Yandere girl who steals napkins out of your trash. It certainly makes finding what to watch a whole lot easier, especially if you’re limited on time. A good word for this would be “Efficient”, and as much as I love efficiency, I find myself missing a bit of the chaos of going into a series blind because the box art or the over the top synopsis appealed to me. I miss judging whether a series was bad based on my first watch through of it, and not relying on user reviews that I may or may not agree with. A good example of this would be the series Negima, I personally love both the original airing, and the Shaft remake, as well as the sequel series UQ Holder. Now, it wasn’t a ground breaking series and definitely doesn’t appeal to a large audience, but I found it on that big wall of box sets and loose volumes and took a chance on it. I didn’t research the series before hand or look at reviews that would tell me that it doesn’t do the Manga justice, the synopsis on the box told me everything it needed to. This is the same way I found some of my favorite series, as well as some really bad ones, (lookin at you Burst Angel). Now I’m not hating on the way things are nowadays, it’s a blessing how much anime I’m able to watch thanks to subscription services like VRV and logging/recommendation sites like Anime-Planet, but sometimes I like to get away from all of that and just watch a series that looks kind of cool every now and then, without any outside input. I think everyone should take some time away from the usual seasonal anime and the series that everyone is telling you to watch because “you need to watch it right now”. Watch something obscure, something that you haven’t heard of, something that just looks cool. If it’s bad, then that’s alright, not every series is going to be amazing, and watching something bad can help you appreciate other series that much more when you find them.

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