My Highest Rated Anime

Since I’m so terrible at continuing to stay motivated with posting content on a regular basis, I figured I’d write about something pretty easy while it’s fresh in my mind. As the title eludes to, this will be a list of my highest rated anime (On Anime-Planet). I’ve watched a good handful of anime over the years, and judging from my list, I used to be very generous with ratings… but these are series that I genuinlly still really think deserve the ratings I gave them.

A couple of guidelines for this, I’m excluding series that may be ongoing (airing or yet to air seasons) Movies, OVAs, and series that never got true endings. This is mostly just to help me keep this list from being an hour long read.

All of the anime on this list were rated based on my own opinion, as well as what my tastes were when I watched them. There are other series that I rated quite highly, but may not feel the same way now, so I’ll be going back and watching through and seeing if they still hold up. Look for that on the site in the near future! Now with that all out of the way, lets start the list.

First up is,

ERASED – Rating 5/5


Anything I say about this series will give most of the plot away, so I’ll just say it’s emotional, has time travel, lots of suspense, and will have you binging the entire series in one sitting.

Your Lie In April – Rating 5/5

your lie in april

Another series where if I say too much, I’ll give away too much of the story. Much like the first series listed, this one is emotional, with a capital “crying in the fetal position”. 10 out of 10 would sob again!

Kino’s Journey (2003) – Rating 4.5/5

kinos journey

This series had an idea an ran with it, it explored so many different facets of humanity and how it effects different people. Whether they grew up in a certain environment and knew nothing of the many other different ways that people lived, or the view of the outsider trying to understand their way of living. I’ve only watched the original and have heard the remake wasn’t nearly as good so I’ll stick with recommending this one.

Angel Beats – Rating 5/5


What if when you died you went to school? Yep, sounds like purgatory to me! Jokes aside, this is another fantastic series that will also leave you curled up in a ball of emotions by the end.

Clannad/After Story – Rating 5/5


Have I mentioned crying yet? I have? Well get ready to cry some more because this series will cause you to have an emotional breakdown that will take 1 to 3 weeks to recover from!

Toradora – Rating 5/5


A surprisingly touching love story about a very tiny and angry girl and a guy who must clean all the things with a serious case of RBF.

Lucky Star – Rating 5/5

lucky star

My all time favorite Slice of Life anime, this is seriously one that I could put on at any time and still enjoy just as much as I did when I first watched it. Loveable characters, fun stories with each episode and an all around series that just a ton of fun to watch.

My Roommate is a Cat – Rating 4.5/5

my roommate is a cat

Now, I’m most definitely a dog person, but dammit I love this cat. This series kind of came out of nowhere for me and pushed all the right Feels buttons for me. It tackled the struggles of someone with social anxieties, albiet with some humor thrown in. It also showed how some people cope with difficult things in life and how we’re all capable of overcoming obsticles in life.

From the New World – Rating 4.5/5

from the new world

A series I watched fairly recently, this is another one that really tried to explore different ideas with, in my opinion, great success. This one was surprisingly dark at times and had tons of suspense throughout the series. Definitely a series that makes you question a lot of different things while watching. I’ll be writing a full review on this series in the near future so I’ll leave it at that.


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