This Year and Anime

Hello readers, as the title suggests, this will be an article talking about my year and some of the anime that I thought stood out this year. It’s been a mostly positive year, plenty of personal stress and on the flip side some really good anime. So to start, I’ll just talk a bit about events that took place in my life throughout the year and that will hopefully explain a little bit about inconsistency in posts.


To start the year off, I moved into a new apartment after dealing with some flooding in my previous apartment. Minimal damage to my belongings thankfully but stressful all the same. Shortly after moving into my new apartment and getting my internet sorted, I had the opportunity to start beta testing games for MangaGamer, so for the first few months of the year, all of my free time was spent on that. (The game I tested was Amatarasu Riddle Star if anyone is interested, and I wrote an article after which can be found here). Anywho, after that, there were some people let go at my full-time job and we were short on help, so my free time again was eaten up by work and lots of overtime. This continued throughout the year and is starting to get better, but we shall see how long that lasts. From that point on I’ve tried writing some stuff when I have the energy and free time, opting to spend my days off on actually recovering from the week, rather than finding more work for myself to do. Thankfully I have more free time now and a bit more energy to devote to things like writing content for the site, I’ll be writing reviews for some series that I watched over the year and possibly some physical release items that I’ve added to my collection, as well as an article about my ever-growing collection. Any anime that I talk about in this post will have a review coming in the coming weeks. So now that I’ve droned on enough about my year on a personal level, we can now talk about some of the anime that stood out to me this year, whether that’s series that aired this year or series that I finally got around to watching.


My current count on the year at the time of writing this is 62 series/seasons or movies watched, the logging site that I use holds a viewing challenge every year so that makes keeping track of what I’ve watched through the year very easy. I’ll start with anime that I rated to be average, these series aren’t bad, but I felt they had room to improve on the foundations they set.

First up is,

A Town Where You Live – 3.5/5

Not a new series but not very old either, it had a Summer 2013 release and judging by the average user rating I’m not alone in thinking it was a pretty average series. It stood out to me for the premise of a Guy moving to a big city from a small town to find his first love, and progresses at a decent pace for the first half of the series, but then feels like they had to cram a lot of plot into the second half to reach the conclusion that they did. The ending was neither satisfying or unsatisfying, and I’ll go into why that was in a full review.


Next up,

Brynhildr in the Darkness – 3.5/5

Very interesting premise and it was executed mostly to an acceptable degree, where the series fell short for me was the ecchi, and that I felt it didn’t need it for a series that had plenty of plot points to go off of (I’m not one to shy away from an ecchi series, but it has to fit with the theme of the anime). With a Spring 2014 release, this series was up against some pretty decent series, like No Game No Life (HOW IS THERE NOT A 2ND SEASON CONFIRMED YET!) and Mekaku City Actors (which in my opinion was kind of forgettable). Again though, I’ll dive deeper into this in a full review.


Now for a few of my favorites from the year,

From the New World – 4/5

I’m a sucker for psychological series and series that make you think. It’s rare for me to find a 24+ episode series where the pacing doesn’t feel drawn out, and for me, this series had very well done pacing. It kept me coming back for more of the mystery throughout the series and really wanting to see how it ended, Great characters and enough plot devices to keep me hooked. Really looking forward to writing a full review for this (which I know I’ve said before and still haven’t done but it’s coming!)



Little Busters 1 and 2– 4/5 Overall

I’m a glutton for emotional series, and the second season of this ticks all the boxes for me, where the 1st season was more light-hearted with a little mystery thrown in, the 2nd season ramped things up to really tug at the heartstrings. Of course, it wasn’t perfect, but I felt it was a very good adaption of the KEY Visual Novel that it was based on. Definitely had some moments where I had to pause and collect myself.


Kino’s Journey 2003 – 4.5/5

Like I said before, I love series that make you think, and tackle life problems and questions. This one I definitely want to save for the full review, a great series that made use of its atmosphere very well and follows the main character on their journey to learn about the world.


And to round things out, one of my top-rated series this year,

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – 4/5

Sure, the vast majority of people loved this series, especially for the bunny girl herself, Mai Sakurajima, or the cute Imouto of the main character, (I’m a Futaba fan myself though) but I found myself loving the series more for the feeling that I got while watching this, and how much it reminded me of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The characters and their arcs were great, and the series almost followed the “Based on Visual Novel” style where they focus on the relationship of one character for a few episodes and moved on to the next. When done well (which this did) I find this style really enjoyable, it keeps things fresh throughout the series. Not to talk about this series too much though, I’ll leave it at that.


So, there’s my year, lots of stuff I didn’t go in to and plenty of anime that I haven’t mentioned here, but will be getting reviews. Everything mentioned here will be getting a review, in time. There are a few more series that I’m working on finishing before the end of the year that will more than likely get reviews as well, and I have some ideas that I’d like to get written down as well. Gonna try and start the new year off strong and give myself a set schedule for content. I also have some stuff coming up IRL that I’ll talk about eventually that will hopefully lead to some cool stuff for me. So stay tuned!

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