Yuru Yuri Review (From 9-28-11)

Yuru Yuri Review (From 9-28-11)

(Found an old review I did back on my old Blogger page, left it un-edited aside from pictures between paragraphs being removed, so cringe with me while comparing my writing from 2011!)

We’ve all come across a series like this while watching anime over the years. A series where you don’t understand what the hell is going on and yet you refuse stop watching. While watching you fall in love with the characters and continue to watch week after week, until the series ends and your left thinking “why did I watch this”. Why do we continue to watch series with no story and characters that we have seen many times before? We watch because it’s a way for us to escape from all of the problems in the real world, and in some cases relate to the wacky characters in the show.  Even though we have seen this concept done many times before, we refuse to stop watching. YuruYuri is another one of these shows, it will suck you in and leave you wanting more.

Well to get things started allow me to introduce the characters. First we have the slightly airheaded and the low self esteem having Akari Akaza. She starts off the first episode by introducing herself and explaining that this is her first day of middle school. The next two characters are Toshino Kyoko and Yui Funami, they are introduced in the first scene trying to wake up our protagonist Akari by franticly ringing her door bell and shouting that if Akrai doesn’t hurry up they’ll be late. Toshino Kyoko is a let loose kind of character while Yui is more of a laid back and mature type of character. Kyoko always seems to be giving Yui trouble and is always crushing on our next character. That next character being Chinatsu Yoshikawa who appears much later in the first episode. Chinatsu closely resembles an anime character known as Mirakurun that Kyoko is obsessed with, she goes on to flip out over the resemblance and instantly try’s to get her into a Mirakurun cosplay. Finally our last two characters are Ayano Sugiura and Chitose Ikeda, they appear at the very end of the first episode by barging into the groups club house as Akari is trying to state her strategy for obtaining more presence then anyone else. Ayano is the Student Council Vice President and Chitose is a member of the Student Council. Both girls are always together and Chitose has fun poking at Ayano’s crush on Kyoko. That about wraps up the main characters, now lets talk about the setting and episodes.

The first few episodes display everyone’s character traits and how they all act in and out of school. Each episode is it’s own little adventure and shows how everyone reacts to everyday school life. These little adventures range from something as simple as hanging out in the club room to staying at a friends house. Aside from the occasional delusion from the characters the show is pretty straight forward and has a pretty realistic setting. If you want a good comparison then I guess I would have to say the show resembles a mix between Lucky Star and K-On! (without the music and a lot less innocent). There are a few shows that I could list that also resemble YuruYuri and it’s complete randomness but those seem to fit the best. Most of the series takes place in the girls club room and other areas of the school, but some of the other settings are places like Yui’s apartment and a public bath and spa that the group visits for a school trip. Most of these backdrops are very nicely drawn and are filled with detail. Aside from the occasional blank background of one of the characters day dreams everything is done with great detail.

This brings us to our next subject, the art and style of Yuru Yuri. As I stated before the background art is very well done and this is also true for the characters. Although the show has a very childish feel it has a very solid level of detail for each character. Now it’s no where near the level of detail of let’s say Ghost in the Shell but it’s still not as crude as shows like Crayon Shin Chan. The art style suites the series well and you get the expected atmosphere of your typical Moe Blob anime, but it also has it’s own feel as well. We have seen this kind of character design before but it still seems fresh and new. It’s not one of those series where you will get bored with the character design very easily. Overall the art is great and suites the show very well. The colors are bright and playful and the style drags you in.

Another part of the show that will pull you in is the voice acting. The voice acting is great and the voices match each character perfectly. The timing is excellent and I didn’t notice any gap in-between audio and video. It seems like all of the voice actors really took an interest into the show and put forth a real effort. There isn’t really to much more I can say about the voice acting so I’m going to go ahead and move onto the story and how there really isn’t one. Of course you have a standard plot that the show follows but other then that there is really no storyline to follow. The basic plot that you follow in the show is just the school life of these four girls. I feel they could of at least added some kind of substance in the series but the show really lacked in this area. If it would of had some kind of real storyline I would definitely see myself watching through the series a couple more times, but since it didn’t I’m left with a feeling that I just wasted my time on a twelve episode series for just a few laughs.

My overall score for the series would be a 7 out of 10. I was very impressed with the majority of what I saw but the lack of a real story hurt my opinion of the show. Although I wouldn’t recommend this to someone looking for an anime with a hard-core story and deep character backgrounds, I would definitely recommend it to someone that is just looking for a laugh and is trying to forget about their day. So if your having a bad day or even a bad week I would suggest you give this series a watch.

Thanks for reading my review, be sure to check back for more anime reviews along with some reviews on tech items and other merchandise.

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