My Journey In VRChat and a small update at the end

My Journey In VRChat and a small update at the end

Welcome to my annual post, I’ve made the joke before about not being able to commit to a writing schedule but I really do need to work on this. Anyway, as made obvious by the title, I figured today I would recount some of my most memorable experiences since becoming an absolute degenerate on VRC! Oh wait, wrong article, in all seriousness, I’ll be going over what it’s been like since I started my journey on VRC up to this point. Like all horror stories we’ll start from the beginning (I’m joking it’s been a mostly wonderful time…mostly). I had seen VRChat pop up in my feed a few times while looking through games on steam before I eventually got a VR headset, I never really had much interest in playing it since I’m not the most social person in general, especially a few years ago when I was mostly focused on work and making sure my rent was paid on time. I would brush it off every time it popped up, the game that actually got me to buy a VR Headset was Beat Saber (pre facebook acquisition). Having been a long time rhythm game fan, it had everything I wanted, plus physical activity outside of my job at the time. I got my headset in July of 2019, and the game I put the most amount of hours into for the first six months was Beat Saber. I would have been fine just using my shiny new Rift S for just Beat Saber, but around Christmas time, I friend on Twitter hit me up asking if I wanted to try VRC. My initial thought was “Oh no”, after giving it some thought though, I figured it would probably just be a one time thing. I didn’t think at the time that I could get much enjoyment out of a game structured around social interaction since I usually keep my circle of people fairly small. I reluctantly agreed.

I think after finally deciding on taking my buddy up on his offer to hop into VRC, I made the decision to record my encounters in the game, I think at the time maybe I would get some useful footage to maybe write about someday (hey that was pretty forward thinking for me). The first day wasn’t super eventful, I met up with my buddy in a public world and started chatting, a few random people jumped in here and there and nothing really crazy happened. My thought at the time was “well this isn’t so bad, I guess I wouldn’t mind doing this again”. My buddy then asked if I wanted to hop back on the following day, I said sure with a little less reluctance this time. I joined him in the middle of a random conversation with some random people, again nothing really eventful, after a little bit my buddy has some connection issues and I ended up alone with a few people. I sucked it up and made conversation and actually had a bit of fun with these people, didn’t really get to know them or anything, just had some fun messing around in one of the starting worlds for VRC. This went on for a little bit before my buddy sent me an invite and I caught back up with him, since I was in pretty good spirits after that, I guess it helped me enjoy the next encounter. The following encounter wasn’t anything too obnoxious but it was definitely outside my usual comfort zone. There were lots of loud people all cracking jokes, nothing too bad, overall I had a pretty good time. After that I didn’t hop back on for a few days until New Years Eve. I figured if I couldn’t go out because of work the next day I would make the best of my night in, I ended up inviting my buddy to join me but he didn’t get back to me in time so I made the decision to journey into VRC on my own. New Years Eve turned out to be a fairly uneventful experience outside of watching the ball drop with a few random people, overall a decent experience. It wasn’t until the night after that I really started to get hooked on adventuring through the many worlds of VRC.

After the first week or so of hopping on after work, I started to get more comfortable with the random encounters I was having in the game. I started making friends that I felt comfortable joining out of the blue when I would see them online and striking up conversation. This went on for a little while longer until I realized that I’m not as socially inept as I originally thought. A few more friends here an there, some more random interactions in public worlds, it wasn’t long before I started to consider commissioning someone to make me a custom avatar. After a few more of these random encounters with the friends that I made, I started to introduce them to each other, I had a pretty good idea of how some people would vibe with others and the scattered friend groups eventually turned into a large friend group. Before I knew it, I had retrofitted my personal Discord server into a place for everyone to hang out outside of VRC. We played a few games together, watched a couple movies, but always made it a point to hang out in VRC just about every night. This continued for a month or two, continuing to add people we enjoyed the company of, then the decision to give my server a proper name came up. Before I could really absorb everything, a small community of people was forming around me. The server had grown to a modest amount, I think at it’s peak it was a little over 50 people in total. As with any larger group of people there’s bound to be drama here and there, but since this article is about my experience with VRC, I’m not really gonna go into the details of stuff that happened here. The people responsible aren’t a part of my life anymore so no use in rehashing what’s in the past.

Continuing on with my adventures in VRC, a lot of the things I experienced can be summed up if you just search for some youtube videos from the top VRC creators. I’ve got friends that like to use meme avatars, people that have some great jokes, and people that are just fun to hang out with. The majority of our time spent in VRC has mostly just been spent hanging out, watching movies and playing on some of the random game worlds that people have made, even attended some virtual conventions. I’ve celebrated Birthdays, Holidays, and just random events in VRC that otherwise wouldn’t be possible IRL. In the time I’ve spent on VRC, I’ve picked up avatar customization and some basic world editing for VRC, I had a not so great experience with a couple commissions that are related to some of the drama mentioned earlier, so I figured I would just learn to do it myself. Over the past year, the group has gotten a fair bit smaller, people have left for personal reasons and others were removed from friends lists for drama. Things have quieted down a fair amount, I believe because we all aren’t confined to our homes anymore and can venture out into the real world again. All of that isn’t really a bad thing either, in fact I’m meeting up with some of the people I’ve met in VRC for the first time later this year. It’s certainly a little nerve wracking for me but I’ve learned with my time in VRC that I need to get out of my comfort zone more.

Now on to the present, I’ve actually cut back on my time in VRC quite a bit, I went through a move back to my home town, picked up a retail job that sucks away all of my social batteries by the time I get home (so not a lot of urge to then go into a social game), picked up cycling again and started to exercise on a more regular basis as well as cutting out some stuff like soda that I had a bad reliance on. Overall I’m working towards a better version of myself, and I partly have VRC to thank for that. If I hadn’t experienced VRC and made the friends I have, I might still be in a place were I wasn’t doing all that great. I’ve not really mentioned it in this article or any on this site, and maybe I will on a future post. For now, I’ll leave whoever reads this with what I’ve learned. Absolutely don’t take any of your experiences in life for granted, if things aren’t great right now, that doesn’t mean they won’t get better in the future. We alone are responsible for how we let things effect us and to some extent, are responsible for our own happiness.

This all kind of went off in another direction towards the end there, but I feel that it’s all connected enough that I’m gonna leave it as is. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this, as dead as this site has been over the past couple years, hopefully this explains a little of why I haven’t really been writing much. Now that things are quieter I’ll definitely be trying my hardest to actually put in effort to the site again. I’ll be changing the direction a little and possible the name, but time shall tell. Again, thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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