Full Site Update and Where I’ve Been

Full Site Update and Where I’ve Been

Well, aside from the post I made the other day, it’s been a minute. Lots of things have happened over the past couple years that were either related to major life changes, or sucked all motivation away from me for writing. I covered a bit of it in my previous post but I figured I would give a little more insight into where I’ve been and what I’ll be doing to start writing again, as well as what I’ll be doing with the site.

I suppose I’ll start with what happened when I fell off the face of the earth after my review for From the New World. I got sucked into VRChat and had a difficult time finding the motivation to do anything but log in every night after work, even watching anime was put on hold for about a year and a half. Now I have watched a few things in that time but it was nowhere near the amount I was watching before that. I also got caught up in running a Discord server for a bunch of friends that ate up most of my free time. I took a stab at streaming to twitch for a few months *and while that was fun, I don’t think I’ll ever open that site again, maybe I’ll go over my thoughts on that website in a future post*. Now that only really explains about a year of absence, the last year has been filled with a move back across the country, back to my home state to be closer to family, giving me the ability to figure out what I want to do with a little more freedom now. I still run a server but that’s quieted down quite a bit since people are going back to work and leaving their houses more, and overall I have more free time now. Another thing that kind of put me off writing anything was a bad experience with a site that I was going to have articles published to, I won’t go into all that as it’s explained a little bit at the beginning of my Dizzy Sunfist article. That really took any motivation I had for writing away for a bit, but now that I’ve taken the time away, I feel I’m ready to get back to something I’m passionate about.

Now on to the changes, before even writing this I’ve given myself some modest goals to achieve with the site in the short term with eventual goals I would like to hit further down the road. The first being committing to a publishing schedule, I will be committing to publishing at the very least one post a week with a possible two depending on the writing load of posts I have lined up. I’ll be broadening the things I’m writing about a little bit, while still having the primary focus be on Anime and Japanese culture. I have some really cool ideas I would love to get done, but that will be a little further down the road. I’ll be making time to get back into anime reviews and recommendations, as well as other posts of that nature. I’m continually going to be honing in on my preferred writing style and refining it. I’ll also be changing the layout of the site and giving it kind of a fresh coat of paint so to speak. I’ve already changed the basic layout but that will kind of be a place holder while I get back into the swing of writing again. I have around two and a half pages of ideas that I’ll be working through and adding to as I go along and am determined to get out at least one post a week for the foreseeable future. I don’t have a specific day decided just yet but will be choosing when to publish posts within the next week while I make more headway on some of these projects. I’ll also be incorporating more of my other passions in to the posts as well that could either be really cool or really dumb, we’ll see. With all of this, I’m still deciding on if I want to make a domain name change and rebrand the site, to make it a little easier to find, or stick with what I have and work around it. I have a few ideas that would allow me to incorporate a youtube channel for further varied content, combining two of my passions but adding a lot more work, but that’s all still up in the air.

For now though, I’ll leave you with this, I’m committed to this site and I’m going to start taking it more seriously *I should have done that a while ago with how much I’m paying for it T-T*, I have goals that I’m determined to meet now and plan on achieving those goals with all the effort I can muster. Please look forward to future content and I hope anyone that reads this has a wonderful day and is showered with positivity!

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