My Collection

My Collection

Hello all!

Since I covered a little bit of my collection in the last post in the form of some of my figures, I figured I would talk a bit about the rest of the items in my modest collection. Now at heart, I’m a bargain hunter, I will almost never buy anything unless I see a deal on it. This doesn’t always apply when there’s something in particular that’s either difficult to find or I need to have in my collection immediately, which is pretty rare. The majority of the time I’ll put off getting anything until there’s a big sale, or demand has calmed down to the point an item is easy to get a hold of. I’m generally not afraid to buy second hand, and I’ll eventually write about things to look out for when doing so and good sites that I’ve used to find deals. Actually I think right around half of the items in my collection are second hand, excluding things like prize figures since those are generally pretty cheap to begin with. I guess that’s enough rambling on about my purchasing habits, lets get on to my collection!

Certainly not a large collection, but I tend to only really buy the things that really catch my eye or I have deep sentimental value for. There’s a bit more to the collection but it’s scattered around my space a little bit and mostly consists of prize figures and noodle stoppers. My focus for the collection for the past couple years has mostly been on getting figures, and while my wallet screams in agony now that there is a shop walking distance from me, I’ve slowed down a lot on getting new items, “I say as I went today to pick up an Asuka White Plug Suite prize figure” Moving right along, we can start with the top shelf, where I keep some of my favorite items.

The items on this shelf represent either hard to come by items or items that mean a little more to me from my nearly 20 years of watching anime. Evangelion being a big one, most of the figures are prize figures and I believe most of these are from the last two movies. Aside from those, on the left I have the only character that got a proper scale from the VN Flyable Heart “I’ll be screaming about this VN needing to be localized until it happens“, It’s an adorable figure of Inaba Yui, the character and VN are things I hold close because they are paired with my favorite Character Designer and Artist’s, Noizi Ito (Itou Noiji), if you’re not familiar with her name, she is responsible for bringing Haruhi Suzumiya to life. The figure behind Inaba is actually another one of her characters, Mikuru Asahina, that figure will live in it’s box since the box is actually signed by Itou herself from a convention in New Zealand that I got a good deal on. Now I just need a Haruhi figure signed by her… To the right of that is Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Vash the Stampede Figmas. I’m not really a fan of Figmas in general, but Trigun related anything is super hard to come by without having to pay through the nose for it. So when I spotted these at the local shop, they were instant buys for me. Next to those is a Fluttershy Bishoujo figure, there’s no real reason it’s in the box still other then the fact that I don’t have a great spot to display it outside the box, and I’d like to get a couple more figures from that line before displaying them. Glossing over the random Ichigo prize figure above that, we’ll talk about what’s in front of it. A pair of Black Rock Shooter mini Nendos that will also live in their box, while not super valuable, they hold some sentimental value and I just really appreciate older merch like this. Now on to the next shelf!

This shelf is where I have most of my Anime Blu-rays, along with some more figures. I tend to only buy series that I absolutely love and hold in mostly high regard. There’s definitely a lot missing from my collection that I’ll eventually add, but that calls back to what I said earlier about waiting to find deals. I’ve learned to be very patient with my purchases, especially after buying that K-On box set for around $200, only to have it go on sale shortly after for less then $100 “I cry to this day“. An additional note on my blu-rays, I usually wait for a complete box set to come out so I have all of it in one place and don’t have to wait on further volumes, or whatever the hell Funimation has been doing over the past couple years with their releases. On the right of the Blu-rays, I have some figures and a season 2 box set for Infinite Stratos, it wasn’t an amazing series by any stretch, but I did like a couple of the characters in the show enough to pick up some figures, including my first quarter scale figure. To the left of the Blu-rays, I have my Gokou Ruri figures with another older Nendo still in it’s box. “Say what you will about Oreimo, but she was best girl and she got the short end of the stick because the author is a weird ass with a siscon fetish.” Ahead of those is what is becoming my most valuable figure, my Rory Mercury scale that I somehow managed to get for right around $100 second hand. Looking at prices today, it’s now going for around $300 when it’s available. I would never think about selling her, but it’s nice to know that at least one of my hobbies has appreciated in value a bit. Let’s move on to the third shelf!

This shelf houses the last of the Blu-rays in my current collection, as well as some anime series I still have on DVD that have either not gotten a Blu-ray release in the states, or were a really good deal when I bought them. For example, the Love Hina complete box set was only around $30 when I picked it up a couple years ago. Some of these I don’t even remember picking up honestly, I can’t remember where I got Air or Haibani Renmei from, but I’m glad to have them in the collection. The figures on this shelf are a bit of a mix, mostly prize figures with some older ones in there. The Konata Izumi figure is one that stands out for me, mostly because I’m not really a fan of Kan Colle, and it’s one of the only one’s I could reliably get for a good price out of the few figures of her that were made. I desperately want one of her normal scales and the maid ver prize figure, but that’s like trying to find a goldfish in the ocean. Other notable figures on this shelf are the Kashiwazaki Sena figure that I got a good deal on and the Reincarnated as a Slime figures on the right. Aside from those there isn’t much left to talk about on this shelf, so we’ll move on to the last shelf!

My modest Manga collection. I’ve been collecting these for a while, with some of the oldest ones being the couple of volumes of Full Metal Alchemist. I had more at one point but they got damaged during some moves unfortunately. The goal with these outside of reading them is to complete the collections of volumes that I only have a few of. Out of all of these I only have a few that are complete, those being Love Hina, Inukami, .hack: Legend of the Twilight, Aoi House, and FLCL. The next one I plan on completing is Black God, I’ve talked about the anime that’s based on this series in the past (Kurokami), I’m currently reading through what I have when I go on breaks at work. Thankfully the last time I looked it was still pretty easy to get the volumes so I haven’t felt rushed to complete the collection, but I’m sure that time is coming soon with how old the series is getting now. This is also true for a few other series in here, and I’ll probably have to end up buying whole lots or already completed collections to finish mine out. Since this was the last shelf, I guess I can now go into what plans I have for the collection in the future.

At the bottom of the last picture, you can actually see one of the items I’d like to start collecting, and that’s retro games as well as retro import games. The game in the picture is Lunar 2, a buddy of mine actually found it for me since I had been looking for a good quality limited edition release. It’s an old JRPG that I played a little bit when I was a kid. While nostalgia is a great motivator for buying stuff like this, for me it’s more of an attempt to play some of these older games that I either never got the chance to finish, or never got the chance to play at all and want to experience. Some other stuff I plan on adding to the collection in the future is obviously more Figures, Blu-rays and Manga, but also stuff like art books, custom artwork by artists I come across, and other goods from Japan like CDs from anime and artists I like. I know we live in an age where downloading content is the norm, but there’s just something about having the physical items that speaks to me, maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or maybe it’s because it’s still enjoyable to consume without an internet connection required. Either way, I’ll be collecting and expanding my collection for years to come. I hope you’ve enjoyed a look through what’s currently in my collection, and maybe I’ll turn this style of post into an annual thing where I give an update on all the things I’ve added since the last post.

Lastly here are some links to my myfigurecollection profile as well as my Anime-Planet profiles if you’d like to follow along with additions to my collection or what I’m currently watching through.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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