Summer Game Fest Time! (Bonus Post)

Summer Game Fest Time! (Bonus Post)

Oh boy is it time for E3 again? Oh right E3 was canceled this year, no matter, our savior Jeff Keighley is here to bring us all the new game announcements! *Sigh* Goodness I miss the old days of E3 but that’s besides the point, props to Jeff and all for getting these events together but I believe events like these should be done without a singular host and would be better to just have like 30 minutes between each companies announcements to let creators do their own hosting, but maybe that’s just me. The real reason for the post is to go over 7 of the games that piqued my interest during the announcements that I might eventually end up buying within the next 5 years!

We’ll start with the list I made while watching all the different announcements and “WORLD PREMIERES”

The list

  • Zenless Zone Zero
  • Neon White
  • Fox and Frog Travelers
  • Goodbye World
  • Skate Story
  • Starfield
  • Forza Motorsport (2023)

Zenless Zone Zero, the game that’s hard to say and harder to figure out why they’re ripping off a game that failed in the US market. When the trailer came on my first thought was “Are they bringing back Soul Worker Online?”. While I’m not the biggest fan of the way MiHoYo handles Anti-Cheat and they’re unnecessary need for kernel level access, I am intrigued. While Soul Worker had many issues, the combat was fun enough to play for a little bit here and there and since I know the game will be free, it might be another one of those mindless games to play after a long day. (I’m actually giving Soulworker another go and will probably be making a post going over my experiences and where the game is at currently in the near future)

Neon White, I’ll be honest, I’m mostly on board because Steve Blum is voicing the main character and the music (Composed by Machine Girl) screams old Toonami, that paired with gameplay focused on speedrunning, I’m all about it honestly.

Fox and Frog Travelers is one I’m actually very excited for, coming from a new Japanese indie dev, it just looks like one I need to experience. The art style looks great and the soundtrack seems like one that’s gonna stick with me long after I play through the game. Definitely one that will be on my radar.

Goodbye World is another one that I’m fully on board for, seems like it’ll probably be a short game but I love the art style and the story seems like a nice little slice of life setting about a couple of young game devs working their way through the world of game development

Skate Story, holy crap this one really grabbed my attention. The aesthetic of Super Hot with the controls of the original Skate games, I’m 100% sold on this one, it also wasn’t announced during SGF but we got a new trailer for it and I’m pumped for it, the music also sounds like it’s gonna be great.

Next we have Starfield, I’m trying very hard not to get too excited about this game, considering the previous launches from Bethesda have been spotty at best. The upside I guess is that I know what to expect from a Bethesda launch, and if modding is as prevalent in Starfield as it has been for Skyrim and Fallout 4, the I’m 100% on board. The reveal trailer was honestly everything I was wanting from the game.

Lastly, the latest entry in the Forza Motorsport franchise. I’ve been in to racing games since Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 on the Sega Genesis. I’ve played pretty much every Forza release, and have seen how the games have evolved through the years. While I’ve definitely moved more towards more simulation focused racers, I still get a ton of enjoyment from the Forza franchise and am really looking forward to seeing how this next entry has evolved.


I know, 7 was a weird number to go with, but some of the other games I had originally listed for this post were titles that had either been announced before and were just more updates and release times, or were titles I may or may not actually play. There are definitely some other games that I’ll probably end up playing that were announced, like the Spiderman games that are finally coming to PC, or maybe Cult of the Lamb. This post was more focused on detailing the games that really stood out for me, and considering how events like these have been over the past few years, I’d say this is a pretty big list for me. I’m usually way less pumped for anything that gets announced during this time of year. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised with some of the announcements this year and am actually looking forward to spending some quality time with my gaming computer actually gaming, rather then just using it to log into VRC to socialize or watch youtube for hours on end.

Thanks for reading, this was a bonus post for this week ahead of my scheduled post for Friday (which for this Friday is my first review in around 2 years!). I’ll be doing more bonus posts like this but not super frequently so be sure to give the site a follow and keep an eye out for them! I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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