Cautiously Optimistic – Trigun Stampede

Cautiously Optimistic – Trigun Stampede

So this week’s post will be on the shorter side since I’m getting things set up for a series of posts. I’ll mostly be voicing my thoughts on the Trigun Stampede trailer and info from Anime Expo. While I’m all for keeping an open mind with the direction it may be taking, I still have some concerns. Let’s just start with the obvious one that I’m sure everyone will be pointing out, the CGI.

Now completely CGI anime has grown on me over the years, and when done right it can be very good. I actually have some faith that the CG animation will be done to a high standard when looking at Studio Orange’s previous works. Where my concern starts to become a problem is the decision overall of making this new season completely CG. The original series has such an iconic design language and feel to it, that I don’t know if they’ll be able to convey a similar feeling with CG. I don’t mind the new character designs and think they’ll still fit within the universe. I am curious if there have been any changes to other characters though. I’ll be keeping an open mind though and giving it a shot.

As for the story, I originally thought it was going to be an adaptation of the Trigun Maximum manga. With Anime Expo happening this past weekend though, there has been more information that’s come out. During the panel, it’s come out that this will be a full reboot of the series. It will have completely new content from Yasuhiro Nightow and the team he’s been working with. While it’s not exactly what I was hoping for originally, I’m actually fine with this. Having Nightow working on the project gives me more hope for the reboot. One of my major concerns after watching the trailer though is that this reboot feels a bit too serious when compared to the original. Again though, I’ll be keeping an open mind and seeing how it turns out.

Overall, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about this reboot. It’s not exactly what I wanted from a new Trigun, but I’m happy to just be getting more Trigun. I would have loved to have seen an adaptation of the Trigun Maximum manga, but knowing that Nightow has been the one working on this new story has mostly put my mind at ease. I’ll leave any criticism about the art direction for after the series comes out and I watch it. The same goes for the story, this will definitely be a series that I end up reviewing in the future.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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