Birthday Week Collection Update

Birthday Week Collection Update

Another year, another Birthday. Since I’m on vacation this week this will be a bit of a shorter post. I’ve got some downtime right now, so I figured I’d make a post about some additions to my collection that I picked up this week. There may be more depending on the other places my group of friends and I decide to visit, but for now, we’ll keep it to what I’ve gotten so far.

Let’s start with the two games on the bottom since those are a tad more interesting. Wipeout is a game I grew up playing with my mom, we both loved the soundtrack for the game and the racing. Wipeout is a futuristic antigravity racer that is the inspiration for current games like Redout. The Ghost in the Shell game is one I actually found because of its soundtrack. Similar to Wipeout, it has a very electronic-focused soundtrack that blends with the cyberpunk setting of Ghost in the Shell. The game itself is nothing amazing, but when I saw it in the display case I knew I needed to add it to the collection along with the soundtrack that I own. The special part about these is that they’re Japanese releases, they’re not going to fetch big prices on auction sites but they are must-haves in my collection. The rest is kind of self-explanatory manga that I had been meaning to pick up for a while. All of these are series that I’m already familiar with but hadn’t started collecting yet or needed to get more of. With how full my manga shelf is I’m gonna need to be a little strategic with where I put them, or invest in a bigger shelf.

Round two of items I got during my birthday week, more Manga! Starting from the left, we’ve got some classics that I found while browsing a local second-hand shop. I grew up with these games and would love to re-experience them again. Next up, I decided to go ahead and complete my Wotakoi collection, as well as picking up the first volume of Bunny Girl Senpai and the omnibus of Another. All series that I love and just had to have in my collection. The last is a series that I had never heard of and thought I would take a chance on it. I actually thought back to the old days of finding a series and taking a chance based on the cover art and synopsis on the back. So we’ll see if this method still works, at least for me.

While this isn’t everything that I’ve gotten, everything listed here is at least directly related to the content I usually post. I may still make a dedicated post about the other stuff I got and possibly the activities that I took part in this week. One of those is a newly built desk/battle station, which I’ve actually been meaning to make a post about. I’d like to do a post about running with themed desk setups with tips and tricks on how to make it look clean. We’ll see how things go in the future though. For now though I’ll leave y’all to enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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