Tower of Fantasy First Impressions

Tower of Fantasy First Impressions

So Tower of Fantasy is the hot topic right now, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s one of the first games that’s come to the mobile market that has a chance to threaten the dominance that Genshin Impact has enjoyed since its release. It scratches many of the same itches that Genshin Impact does, has cross-platform play and of course, many waifus and husbandos for you to unlock. The majority of articles I’ve seen have been praising the game, although it’s had some hiccups during its launch. It’s not often I see a mobile game have a queue to log in, but I also don’t really play mobile games. Let’s start with my initial impression of how it plays on mobile.

To start, I daily drive a One Plus 9, and since that’s probably my most current mobile device that’s what I typically try out games on. While waiting in the queue I decided to take a look and see what options were available in terms of graphics. It allowed me to crank everything to its max setting, once I finally got passed the queue the game ran alright. Graphically the game looks pretty good, maybe not as polished as Genshin but it’s good enough for a phone screen that there isn’t really anything to complain about. Now the controls are your typical mobile game layout, with movement on the left and all of your attacks on the bottom right. My first complaint with the controls is that the movement is not as refined as it probably should be. I often found myself going forward often only to have the character start running towards the screen. I quickly adjusted to exaggerating my initial movement by placing my thumb down and nearly sliding all the way to the top of my screen. While I shouldn’t have to do this it’s not a big deal. The rest of the controls on mobile are equally as loose, panning the camera felt off, and tapping the action buttons didn’t feel great. Aside from it not feeling all that great the game played fine. I had an issue with my phone overheating but that’s more a problem with One Plus and their shoddy manufacturing decisions and less the game.

On to the PC version! While also not feeling nearly as polished as Genshin, it felt considerably better than the mobile version. The PC version is where I’ve spent the rest of my time with the game because of this. I haven’t tried the controller support but the mouse and keyboard feel pretty good. Moving on to the gameplay itself, it’s another Genshin clone which is also a Breath Of the Wild clone. While overall not feeling as good to play as either of those, it’s still entertaining. The core mechanics were solid enough to keep me playing until I hit the first roadblock and my first overall complaint with the game. The time gating of content for the main story missions. I can understand to an extent why they went this route, but it doesn’t really work when one of the only other things to do is run around and activate towers and rifts on the map. I found myself having to exit the game until late into the next day to continue with the main story content. Even when the new content was unlocked though, it was easy to breeze through in an hour or two. While it’s not on the level of punishing players for playing too long like the original FF14 did back in the day, it’s not exactly good either. For a new game to essentially be telling players to come back later, it doesn’t really impose much hope of player retention.

Finally the Art Style and voice acting, I don’t really have a ton to say about the art style. It’s adequate for the type of game it is trying to be. Some of the environments look really good, while others could really use more polish. The character designs are alright, nothing really to write home about but still competent enough to not be distracting. What is distracting though is the English voice acting. Often I noticed that there was a lack of emotion if any at all, or terrible syncing issues overall that lead to reading subtitles without any dialogue being spoken at all. Some voice actors are fine, and I’m assuming those are the ones that have been in the business for a little while now, but others absolutely needed more director input. I’m gonna be putting the majority of the blame on whoever was responsible for directing the voice actors here when dubbing. This wouldn’t be much of an issue for me if there was a way to switch the spoken language in the game but I was unable to find any setting that would allow me to do this. There’s a good possibility I’m blind and missed it but for now, I’ve just been dealing with it.

Overall, my early impressions are that the game is fine. It’s definitely in need of some more polish and more content to tide players over when they reach time-gated content. I’ll probably continue to play the game here and there when I’m feeling the itch to play an MMO, and I hope that they’ll continue to polish the game and add new content that isn’t just new items in the Gacha shop.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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