Collection Additions!

Collection Additions!

Hello readers,
Today I’ll be showing off some of the recent additions to my collection, as well as talking a little bit about the anime that I’m currently getting in to. I wasn’t planning on making any additions to my collection, but while I was out late last week getting measured for a suit, I decided to kill some time in a Barnes and Nobel that was nearby. This was a mistake, since I ended picked up 6 volumes of manga that I don’t have the space for. I guess it’ll soon be time to invest in another shelf, that aside, the two series I grabbed caught my eye. One I’ve been eyeing for a little while, the other is one I don’t actually know anything about and am kind of taking a chance on.

The two series I’m referring to are Tamomo-chan’s a Fox! and Shikimori’s not just a cutie. Obviously, I’ve heard of Shikimori, but the other one is the one that really piques my curiosity. Usually I would look up whatever I’m thinking about buying and see what the general rating is, but this time I figured I’d stick with my gut like I did back in the day. I skimmed through a few pages of the first volume, and honestly it seems like a fun slice of life series. I’m sure I’ll enjoy both of them, but I’ll actually have to read through them to be sure.
Next there are the figures I picked up. The first being this Dead Master Pop Up Parade figure. I’ve seen a lot of people bash this line, but I honestly don’t see anything wrong with them. I wanted the original version that this one is based on when it came out, and I wasn’t able to afford that. No, these aren’t scale figures, and I’m not expecting the quality to surpass what a good prize figure usually has, especially for the price. I think that they are a great budget option for people who aren’t able to afford scales, and don’t want to wait the absurdly long delay times that have been plaguing the figure market recently. This gives fans an option that doesn’t break the bank and still allows them to show love to characters they like while displaying them in their setups. Small rant over, and on to the next figure!
This one grabbed my attention when I was at the shop that’s next to my work during one of my lunch breaks. For a prize figure, this really impressed me. The quality is great, as I’ve come to expect from Furyu. The size is great too as she’s nearly 1/7th scale, there’s great detail in the outfit since they actually used fabric for the stockings. That honestly blew me away when I got her out of the package. Definitely a great bang for the buck in terms of prize figures. Now I have to find a spot for her, which I guess I really do need to invest in another shelf, or maybe I’ll finally splurge and get some Detolf display cabinets.

To wrap things up, I’ll mention a couple of the anime that I’ll be watching through over the next couple of weeks. The first being Lycoris Recoil, I was sold on watching this when I heard that I was a blend of John Wick and K-On. Being such a weird combination is right up my alley. Next is Cyberpunk Edgerunners, I’m a huge sucker for anything that studio trigger does, and I already love the world of Cyberpunk, so this has me excited. Some others that I’ll be attempting to watch through are just new seasons of anime like Overlord and The Devil is a Part-Timer!. Between the first two, I’ll be figuring out which one I want to review, so stay tuned for that! If you’ve got any recommendations for something I should watch in the future, feel free to drop it in the comments of this post!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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