The Lost Chaos of Finding Anime

A bit of a different post from what is on the site, with this post I’ll be talking a bit about nostalgia and my feelings towards how the magic of randomly finding a series to watch has kind of been lost in the age of the internet (for me personally).

So, I get this feeling every once in a while, mostly when I’m a bit sleep deprived (which is often). I arrived at work this morning, and like usual I had some free time before I needed to start. I’d started to reminisce about the feeling I used to get when walking into a video store to find a new series to watch. I didn’t go in with any particular anime in mind, I would just search through the glorious wall of box sets and assorted volumes of DVDs that were available at the time. The feeling of spotting some box art that jumped out at you and reading the synopsis on the back of the box has kind of lost it’s charm in the age of the internet, where all of the information on a series is readily available on demand. As well as countless reviews to go along with all that information, telling you whether a series is worth while, or if you should avoid it like that Yandere girl who steals napkins out of your trash. It certainly makes finding what to watch a whole lot easier, especially if you’re limited on time. A good word for this would be “Efficient”, and as much as I love efficiency, I find myself missing a bit of the chaos of going into a series blind because the box art or the over the top synopsis appealed to me. I miss judging whether a series was bad based on my first watch through of it, and not relying on user reviews that I may or may not agree with. A good example of this would be the series Negima, I personally love both the original airing, and the Shaft remake, as well as the sequel series UQ Holder. Now, it wasn’t a ground breaking series and definitely doesn’t appeal to a large audience, but I found it on that big wall of box sets and loose volumes and took a chance on it. I didn’t research the series before hand or look at reviews that would tell me that it doesn’t do the Manga justice, the synopsis on the box told me everything it needed to. This is the same way I found some of my favorite series, as well as some really bad ones, (lookin at you Burst Angel). Now I’m not hating on the way things are nowadays, it’s a blessing how much anime I’m able to watch thanks to subscription services like VRV and logging/recommendation sites like Anime-Planet, but sometimes I like to get away from all of that and just watch a series that looks kind of cool every now and then, without any outside input. I think everyone should take some time away from the usual seasonal anime and the series that everyone is telling you to watch because “you need to watch it right now”. Watch something obscure, something that you haven’t heard of, something that just looks cool. If it’s bad, then that’s alright, not every series is going to be amazing, and watching something bad can help you appreciate other series that much more when you find them.

Bit of an Update

So towards the beginning of the year I made a post about what I wanted to do with the site, and almost immediately after that post, I had an opprotunity present itself that I couldn’t say no to. I started testing Visual Novels for a company here in the states, so that ate up a good chunk of the little free time I had. Things have quieted down for now and I feel like I can actually put some time into the site again. I’ll be making an effort to post on a regular basis, similar to the post I made earlier today. Things like Anime recommendations and reviews. I still aim to do the things I set out to do in the post I made toward the beginning of the year, plus some other stuff. I am pushing to have at least 2 decently lengthy posts a week and if I have an idea that doesn’t take too much time, then I’ll scatter smaller content throughout the week as well. So look forward to some fresh content on the site!

Some Personal Recommendations

Anime Recommendations


This list of recommendations is purely based on my opinions, and although there may be better anime in these genres, I chose these as I feel they don’t get enough love from the community. These are my personal recommendations and you’re more then welcome to disagree, but this isn’t a ranked list and the order of the chosen anime doesn’t really matter. I’ve seen a lot of anime and even though you may recommend another series over one I’ve chosen here, the fact is, I wanted to make a recommendation list of series that I don’t see as often in other lists. The list is sepperated into Genres that way there is some nice variety in the titles chosen. Some genres will have two recommendations, a primary and a runner up. Not because one series was better then the other, but I felt that the other series was worth recommending as well. I won’t go too deep into explaining everything about the series as these are recommendations and not reviews.

To start the list, we’ll start with a genre that I find myself watching more often then most other genres. Personally, I’m a sucker for Romance Anime, the more emotional the series, the better. I’ve come to realize over the years that I’m a bit of an emotional masochist. So if a series can bring me to the brink of an emotional breakdown, I’ll love it.


Tada Never Falls in Love


The series that I’ll be starting with is Tada Never Falls In Love.
Now, this series is a pretty cut and dry Rom Com, but some of the little things they included in the story left a very impactful impression on me. The inclusion of Phtography being one of them, (I was a phtography major in college so this hits home). The comedy was light hearted and added to the growth between the characters, it wasn’t meant to distract like in some other series. The chemistry between Tada and Teresa was wholesome and left you rooting for them throughout the series. It wasn’t a perfect series, but even with some of it’s cliches, I still consider it one of my favorites in the Genre.

Runner Up

Just Because

The Runner Up in this genre would be Just Because, another Romance anime that also has some focus on Photography….I swear I’m not biased,….. ok, maybe a little. This one is a little more predictable when it comes to Romance anime, but still a great series with a bit more focus on Drama rather then Comedy. As mentioned before, this anime succeded in pulling on my heart strings, so it left a lasting impression on me that warrents a recommendation. Anywho, I can highly recommend both of these if you’re looking for a good Romance anime that has the potential of ripping your heart out and leaving you broken for about 3 to 5 business days.

Slice of Life

Bunny Drop/Usagi Drop

Oh boy, this series, I mentioned I’m an Emotional Masochist right?
I loved every episode of this series and wanted so badly for it to get another season. Considering it’s been 8 years now though, that’ll probably never happen. The series follows a bachelor named Daikichi, and his recently passed 79 year old father’s 6 year old daughter named Rin (the daughter being the result of his old man having a mistress). He takes her in to raise after the family can’t decide what to do with her. From there the story follows the two and the struggles of being a single parent. This series hit me emotionally more times than I’m willing to admit.

Runner Up


There’s nothing special about Gj-bu, it’s just one of those fun series that you can put on and forget about life for a while. Similar to something like Lucky Star, I find series like these are great palet cleansers if you’ve been binging more serious anime for a while. The story isn’t anything amazing to write home about, but the comedy itself is solid enough and the relationship between the students is pretty adorable. Can recommend if you need a good chuckle.


Heaven’s Memo Pad

This series certainly went some places, and wrecked me with the last few episodes. Throughout the series I got some serious Durarara vibes which is another series I absolutely loved. It covered things like drug use, human trafficing, and attempted suicide. I wouldn’t go as far to say it needs a trigger warning or anything, but it utilized those plot devices really well. I enjoyed the development between the Main Character and the rest of the cast, and there was enough development between them to make the story compelling enough for me to binge in an afternoon.

Runner Up

Darker Than Black

This is one of my all time favorites, The story was excellent, great fight scenes and had a great mystery factor behind the main plotline. I’m not gonna say much about this one because it’s just one you need to watch. Sadly Funimation let the license expire for both season 1 and 2 so finding a way to watch it is pretty difficult, but if you have the opprotunity, then take it.


NegimaEither Series

This show definitely isn’t for everyone, neither the original nor the remake by Shaft was met with appraisal, I still found it enjoyable. That may be because I’m a fan of Ken Akamatsu who created Love Hina, but similar to Gj-Bu, it’s one I can put on, not think about anything for a while and have a good laugh. The story Follows Negi, a 10 year old Wizard in training, and his adventures with his all female class of middle school girls. The series definitely falls under the Harem genre, but, I view it more as a comedy. This series was also the inspiration behind my username, since Negi’s father was called the Thousand Master. I’m also just really lazy and can’t come up with anything better….

Runner Up

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

A fun and relatable series, it follows a socially awkward women who quits her job and shuts herself in playing an MMO to avoid the real world. She starts her new MMO life playing as a male character and quickly befriends a cute female healer class who just so happens to be played by a man. Thanks to a chance encounter they bump into one another in the real world, with no clue as to who the other is. Their relationship develops both in game and in the real world, all without knowing the others secret identity. This series was honestly so good that I ordered the Blu-ray almost immediately after binging it.


Beck (no not that Beck)

Beck or Mongolian Chop Squad, is a kind of coming of age story about 14 year old named Koyuki who feels disconnected from life, through some chance opprotunities, he meets Ryuusuke who is the guitarist in a band called Beck. It then follows the ups and downs of Koyuki and the rest of the band members, as well as his developing relationship with Ryuusuke’s younger sister and the obsticals of being young and in love.


Love Hina

Love Hina was the first Harem anime that I watched to completion, I loved the comedy and the characters. When I watched it, I hadn’t watched many anime in this genre, so everything was still fresh and fun. If you’ve seen your fair share of Harem anime but haven’t seen this one yet, then it probably won’t suprise you with the things it does. But since it was one of my first it holds a special spot on my list. It’s still a fun series to go back through or even go through for the first time.



I never thought a sports anime would grab my attention like YowaPeda did, maybe it’s because it came out around the same time I was really getting into Cycling, or maybe it’s the over the top nature of Sports anime. Either way, YowaPeda remains near the top of my favorite anime. In terms of a shounen anime, like most sports related shounen, the battles revlove around each character having a special move. I loved the creativity with the different riders from all the schools. The rivelries between the different schools and it’s students is intense, and the races are always a blast to watch. The series always left me waiting impatiently for the next episode, (beyond impatiantly waiting for a new season right now). Although the series is kind of niche in subject matter, it’s still an amazing shounen anime, and if you like sports anime, then it has plenty of over the top action to satisfy your cravings.


Say “I Love You”

This series may be labeled as more of a Romance anime, but it is a Shoujo at heart and I feel that the romance isn’t exactly the primary focus. And to be frank, there are better love stories out there. But this series shines at showing how two emotionally broken people can grow, and find a better future and learn from their past rather then dwelling on it. It covers something that seems like a very obvious thing, that being the fact that all of us have been through something in our lives that made us the way we are. The story goes through the hurdles we have to get over to move on from our past, and how those hurdles make us stronger in the process. I recommend going through this series, not viewing it as a romance, but as a theraputic experience. Like I said, there are better love stories out there.


Higurashi When They Cry

You want Horror? How about dying in some horrific way every four or so episodes? Then I give you When They Cry, an anime based on a long running series of Visual Novels. This anime takes it’s mature rating seriously. Some of the scenes are still burned into my memory, even though I watched the first season all the way back in 2010. This series isn’t for those with a weak stomach, but, if you’re into watching characters die in pretty brutal ways, then this is the series for you. This is another one you’ll just have to watch because anything I say will give too much away. Definite trigger warning for this series though, you’ve been warned.

Runner Up

School Live

If you haven’t seen School Live or had the story ruined for you, you may be asking “why is this cutsey slice of life looking anime under the horror genre?” Then I’d have to say go experience it for yourself, and find out why I wept like a child during the last couple episodes…..and the days following.



Kurokami is a series from the golden days of Bandai Visual, when they were still licensing anime for the US under that name. I first watched this show back in 2010, I stumbled across it when browsing through crunchyroll’s catalogue, started the first episode and fell in love. In my opinion, it’s an extremely underrated series. Granted, the story isn’t ground breaking compared to series we’ve had over the past decade or so, but it’s still a fantastic series for the fight scenes and the underlying plot which brings our two main characters together. I still find it unique enough that it can stand on it’s own, even with the other great action fantasy anime that are out there. A definite recommend from me. On a side note, if anyone know’s where I can get my hands on the bandai releases of chapters 4, 5, and 6 of the Blu-ray HMU….I need to complete my collection.

A look at what’s to come in 2019

From the title you may have guessed that this is another update post, you guessed right! I’d give you a cookie but I don’t like to share and I don’t have any cookies anyway. so just… I don’t know, forage for left overs or something? Anywho, back to the updates!

Over the next year I’ve set some personal goals for myself and some goals for the site, things like weekly posts and reviewing series that I watched. Other posts may include topics that reveal a bit more about me and my tastes in anime. Now just to make things tidy I’ll make a little bullet point list of my current plans for 2019.


  • Weekly reviews of anime that I watched over the weekend
  • Personal posts about viewing habits and how I watch anime
  • More personal posts about the types of anime I gravitate towards
  • Learning Japanese (I’ll be making a dedicated post about this one really soon explaining my overall goal)
  • Monthly recaps of the content posted on the site
  • A post covering anime that I just couldn’t finish and why

It’s a pretty short list, and as much as I’d like to pour a bunch of time into the site, I have a full-time job that eats up a lot of my time. I’ll be putting as much time into the site as I can though and am determined to at the very least make 1 to 2 posts weekly. I’ll have a concrete posting schedule once I get into a rhythm and everything starts to calm down IRL. Stay tuned!

My Dissapointing Anime of 2018

Just to be clear, this isn’t about anime that aired in 2018, just anime I watched in 2018. This also won’t be in depth reviews of these series so they’ll be pretty brief and just contain some of my thoughts on the series as a whole.

With that out of the way, I’ll start by saying I watched a modest 40 different anime over the course of 2018, a couple were movies but they count, at least to me, and anime-planet. Out of those 40 there were some great, some pretty good, a few meh, and a couple that were so bad I decided to make a website complaining about them… One I’ve already written an angry post about and if you’re interested in reading an incoherent 2500+ word post about why I thought it was terrible, I’ll have it linked at the end of this post.

As for the others, I’ll start with one I watched earlier in the year, Ergo Proxy.

710H9Ku4HQL._RI_.jpgNow, this show wasn’t a complete dumpster fire, it had some really cool aspects to it and the story was very interesting, at least the first half of it anyway. I loved the art style and setting a ton. The story, although it started off strong, kind of flopped towards the middle and end of the series for me, it felt like they took too much time trying to build up to a big conclusion, only to rush said conclusion. The last few episodes whipped by at break neck speed and the ending felt unfulfilling. The character development went from a steady pace to “oh crap we only have like 4 episodes left this should be enough”. I ended the series and watched the final credits audibly saying “what the hell, is that it?”.

The next series I’ll talk about was The World God Only Knows,


and the first thing I’ll say about this series is “How the hell do you have 3 filler episodes in a 12 episode season!?”. This was another series that really got under my skin, it honestly only had one, maybe two really likable characters. That being Elsie and Shiori (personally like that character type, don’t judge me and I won’t judge you). Now before I go any further, I have not seen the second or third seasons so this is all based on the first season. I honestly hate the main character, and he’s probably the weakest point in the series. The plot was fine and I liked the general idea they were going for. I just couldn’t appreciate it as much as I could have if they wrote the main character differently. He was just outright unbearable to listen to through the series. I know it’s his character type, so I guess I hate that character type, but I feel the series could have been much better with a different character type. I didn’t have a problem with most of the other cookie cutter characters in the series since they made sense for the plot and were at the very least bearable while on screen. They also didn’t take away from the story they were trying to tell. I didn’t have an issue with pacing outside of the 3 very unnecessary filler episodes. This was just another series that didn’t click with me in the slightest. Funny enough it was another Manglobe series.

The last series would have to be Akame Ga Jesus Christ they killed another character because they couldn’t develop them any further Kill!5690b71c35e4948e9cb3770bba44b6f1

I’m not gonna get too deep into why this series bugged me to the point of spending money on making a website immediately after finishing the series. As poorly written as the post is, it covers a good bit of why I didn’t like most of the series. There is actually a line in Beyond the Boundary (which I’m currently watching through) that sums up my feeling about the show pretty well. I’m pretty sure it’s in the first episode and if you’ve seen it you’ll probably know what I’m talking about based on the first sentence in this paragraph. Now if you’d like to read the (IMO) very poorly and heated post, you can find it HERE.


Considering that there are only 3 series in the post that I found to be pretty bad, I’d say it was a pretty decent year watching anime. Later this week I’ll be writing another post with the stand out series that I watched in 2018 so stay tuned for that!

Journey To 300

Alright so what am I talking about with a title like that?

The title is referring to my journey to completing 300 total anime series and movies completed. Now for a lot of people, that probably isn’t very much and considering how long it’s been since I started watching anime, it’s not all that impressive. According to the anime-planet website, I’ve alloted 300 completed anime series and movies as of 11/18/2018. That amounts to 6833 total episodes, and is approaching 4 months of total time watching anime. There are definitely some series in there that I’ve watched a few times to those numbers are a bit inflated, but statistics aside, I figured I would make a post talking about the shows I’ve watched up to this point. I won’t be going over all 300 so don’t worry, I’ll just be going over some note worthy ones that stood out to me and have left an impression. I don’t have dates for everything but I have a general feel for the year that I really got into anime and a few of the shows I started with.

Let’s get started then, like most people, *around my age at least, I was exposed to the usual. Things like Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Sailor Moon, Card Captors and the like. I try not to count that though since at the time, I was pretty young and didn’t know about the wonderful world that is anime just yet. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I sumbled across the afternoon/evening block of anime that ran on Toonami. Still not really knowing about anime but knowing I was hooked on these cartoons that just felt like they were meant for an older audience. I remember waking up late one night while sleeping in our living room and catching the ending of shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist and the show that made me feel like I shouldn’t be caught watching, Ghost in The Shell. All of it was so mature to me at the time, and being the 15 or 16 year old I was, my still somewhat impressionable mind couldn’t get enough of it. The first show I really started to seek out was Fullmetal Alchemist, I was drawn to the characters and the story, I even went out and bought a book on the history of Alchemy, real alchemy though, not the stuff in the show. Back in the days of MySpace, they would let users upload videos, since there wasn’t much in the way of copyright flagging at the time, I found as many episodes as I could using myspace. I was then turned onto shows like Trigun, FLCL and Bleach. I got heavily invested into all three of those, more so in Bleach, but being the general target demographic for that show at the time can you blame me? Bleach probably still remains one of the longest series I’ve completed and the series that took the longest for me to watch, since I was on the english dubbing schedule and didn’t really get into watching subs until a year or two later. It took me from the premier of Bleach on Toonami, till late 2012 to finish that series. Now considering the series finished earlier that year, I guess it didn’t really take me any longer then most. Moving on though, Shortly before moving to a new state back in 2007, I saw the premier of Eureka 7. From the very first episode I fell in love, everything from the mysterious girl who crashed through his room in a bad ass mech, to the lifting with cool futuristic surfboards that used the wind. Aside from trying to find episodes to watch of FMA on MySpace, Eureka 7 was the first show I really tried to watch start to finish in one sitting. I’m a bit fuzzy on the site I used back then to watch it, but it was all on there and I spent the next couple weeks watching it on the slow internet I had at the time to completion. Even downloaded the episodes and burned them to disc, which I’m pretty sure I still have somewhere. Another series that caught my attention around the same time was Code Geass, I had also caught the premier of that and if you couldn’t tell by now, there was a bit of a pattern beginning to develop with the anime that I enjoyed. Big Mechs, cute female characters and some magical force that tied everything together. On a side note, a series like Full Metal Panic should have been right up my alley, but for some reason or another I just couldn’t get into that series. Anywho back to Code Geass, the thing the brought me in with that series the most was the art style and music, now, I don’t rate my anime based on Openings and Endings, but those were good enough that I was once again hooked into another series. By this point I was getting ready to move back to the state I had moved from only a year earlier, and while I did still have internet, I didn’t get much chance to continue to watch anime like I had been. Shortly after though we had to get rid of the internet so I just watched through the series that I had burned to discs or had bought. It was a few months before I could watch anything new and by that point I was feening. When I was able to get back on the net, I had started to find dedicated sites that had dubbed anime on them, I was in heaven. I started making my way through everything that looked like it would hold my attention, which was just about everything sadly. Looking back I watched a lot of pretty bad anime, but I loved it all the same. While looking through the sites though, I saw a show called Lucky Star, saw the cover art and thought the characters looked cute and decided to start up the first episode. After about 10 minutes of hearing the characters talk about which end of a choco cornet is the head and realizing that for some reason I just couldn’t look away, I had found the next series that I would binge. Funny enough this was also the show that got me to start watching shows with subs, since about half way through the series, I hadn’t noticed that the dub video wasn’t working so it switched to the subbed version. I got about half way through the episode before realizing that I was reading the subs. I have to give props to the dubbing of Lucky Star, because in my experience they cast the voice actors well enough that I barely noticed. I know there are a good bit of people who didn’t really enjoy the show, but it remains one of the few anime that I can just put on and still get a good laugh out of. It will probably always be in my top 10 for that fact alone. *plus Aya Hirano will forever be best girl, even with the scandal that ended her career. After moving yet again in the same year, I had another short lull in my anime watching. I was without internet yet again and after exhausting my physical media, I was again feening for more. Once I was able to get back on the internet, I jumped into the deep end like an Olympic Diver going for gold. It honestly started to take over my life, in a not so positive way. I’d stay up to the point of passing out at my desk, frequent forums finding new series recommendations, staying awake for a couple days at a time just watching everything I could. I was so invested in anime that I would avoid looking for work just so I could spend time watching anime and later finding and playing Visual Novels (but this post isn’t about that). Even in this flurry of anime watching I still managed to find a few anime that really stood out to me and stuck with me. One of those being Kurokami or “Black God”, This was actually the first anime that got me to read the manga. I binged all 23 episodes of that series in one sitting. The story of the doppeliner system sucked me in, the fighting was amazing (at the time) and I loved the characters. I still find myself naming pets in games after the dog “PuniPuni” from the series. After I finished Kurokami I watched a few other series that weren’t as noteworthy, jumping from one show to another before finally being offered a job where my Mom worked. Finally snapping out of the trance that I had put myself in with anime, I cut back most of my bad habits of staying up until sunrise and watching anime until I passed out slumped over my desk. I was finally making money! I could go out and just buy anime now! One of the first box sets that I bought was a series called Eden of The East. Not knowing at the time the one directing the series was also responsible for directing Ghost in The Shell. To say old habits die hard would be an understatement, on my next day off I binged not only the series, but also the two movies that finish the story. I loved the series so much that I wanted to import a phone from japan that was modeled after the phone used in the series. Of course, making minimum wage and having to help out with rent, that wasn’t a realistic dream. I continued to work and slowly fell back into old habits like staying up too late and suffering the next day, but it was worth it for my anime. I started getting back on forums looking for recommendations and one night stumbled across a website claiming it was the Anime Social Network. That site was called Anihub, it honestly just looked like a facebook rip off at the time, but I figured I’d sign up and see what it was about. They had some pretty active forums and I found myself interacting more with the people on there, they had customizable profiles similar to how myspace had back in the day before facebook took over the world and made everything bland and brought out the worst in people. It was a safe place to talk about your favorite anime and look for recommendations from passionate fans. Thanks to that site I learned a little bit about HTML and CSS, although that’s all pretty much gone bye bye, I’m still thankful to that site and the community that was on there. Thanks to that site I was also able to find series like Black Rock Shooter, Durarara, and one of my favorite Romance style anime, Toradora. Aside from having watched Fruits Basket I hadn’t watched to many romance focused anime. Even though I wasn’t all in on the romance aspect to start, I loved the comedy used in the series. By the end though, I was starting to get invested in the romance genre. I started to ask for recommendations on romance anime, and the unanimous response was, “well if you’re not afraid of crying like a baby then you should watch Clannad”. Not wanting to dive that deep in I put off watching that series for a couple more years. Another person then recommended a show called Angel Beats, sadly at the time I watched the first episode and had to finish the series a year later thanks to losing my job due to the company shutting down. Thankfully and surprisingly not due to my bad habits. Since I was out of work I jumped back into old habits and my anime was there to welcome me with open arms. Unsurprising to no one but me, lack of sleep, poor eating habits and zero physical activity can lead to some pretty crappy stuff. I had stayed up one night which wasn’t uncommon for me, but not having eaten much led to my first hospital overnight stay. We had gone to see my Sister’s Grandmother and as we were about to walk out of the door, I fainted, slid down a wall and into my Mom’s back. I woke up not knowing what had happened with an ambulance already on the way and even though I wanted to say everything was fine, I knew it wasn’t. My hobby turned into an obsession and it was effecting me negatively, to the point I was hospitalized for 3 days. I came away from all that with Low Blood Pressure, A lower then average Heart Rate that is possibly the result of being born with a small hole in an inner wall of my heart and a realization that the thing I love, although not a direct cause of my neglect, contributed to the incident. I wasn’t planning on including this little story about my health but figured it was related enough to my journey to 300 that I could include it. Moving on from health scares, I started getting my act together, while still watching anime every now and then, not allowing myself to fall into the same bad habits that put me in the hospital. I still binged, but not nearly to the extent of watching the sun come up every morning. Since then I’ve watched a lot of anime *in my eyes at least, I’ve watched a lot of the notable series that have come out over the years, but of course nothing quite sticks with you as much as it used to. I come across a series every now and then that will get me really hyped and excited to continue watching. Since the anime market is a bit over saturated every season, it’s a bit more difficult to find those gems that put a sparkle in your eye.

This post was supposed to be about the anime I’ve watched over the years but I think making it more of a personal story with anime is a better fit for my site. I still have a few bad habits, but I’ve learned from my past and can say I’m in a better place now. I’m back to watching more anime again, but I’m watching only when I’m actually able to do so, I’m not shrugging my responsibilities like I would have even just a few years ago.

So from me to anyone who may read this, Keep on watching, don’t let it control your life, and keep being passionate about it, even though that sounds contradictory.

Thanks for reading 🙂

And it Begins!

Welp, since I need something to display on my site so it doesn’t look so barren, here’s a quick post explaining my goal with the site and what to expect in the near future.

The overall goal of this site is to have a place where I can stretch my writing legs and possibly develop my writing skills a bit more. I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been itching to dive back in to it so I figured this would be a good opportunity to get that fix.

As of right now, I’m wanting to write reviews for things like Anime, Games, Tech/Computers and possibly a few other things. There won’t be any set schedule for anything as of yet, but that can change in the future. In terms of things like anime reviews, I have a couple rules that I will have set for myself, things like completion of the series (or if it is a long series that is broken up into many seasons, then the completion of a season), No number scaling for reviews, number scaling in reviews is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, as most of the time it’s used as a summery and doesn’t give a full story to what the series is actually like, I will only be giving a “Can Recommend” or a “Can’t Recommend” at the end of my reviews. Since the name of the site is Antz Unpopular Perspective (was going to be Opinion but I had a bit of a brain fart when buying my domain so I just ran with it) I’ll be voicing my opinions on series that may have a lot of high praise, and are rated highly by the majority, but since I’m not the majority my opinions often differ from those. Now I won’t just be spewing nonsense about how a series is terrible because I just don’t like it, I’ll actually be putting some thought and reasoning behind my reviews. Also, not all reviews are going to be negative, I happen to like a lot of series that other people don’t like very much and the same applies to those.

Since this post is running a little long I’m gonna wrap it up here, I’ll be working on a dedicated page with rules and how my reviews will work, Everything is going to be a work in progress for a bit so please bare with me through this process.


Thanks for reading 🙂