Review Rules

Here is a quick list of some rules that I have set for myself with regard to how I’ll be structuring and displaying my reviews.

  • A completed series or season (will mostly try and hold off until I finish the entire series though)
  • Will only use a recommend or don’t recommend, I’m not a big fan of numbering scales for reviews.
  • Won’t be covering adult content, for the time being, no Hentai, Doujin, and if I review a Visual Novel, it will be the all-ages version. I would like to keep the site viewable for a large audience.
  • No series that exceeds over 100 episodes, this is mostly for time, and covering something that long would just burn me out.
  • Since I watch multiple series throughout a season, I won’t be doing individual episode reviews, it’s more difficult to write about single episodes without giving away spoilers, and if I’m going to spoil anything, I’d like the series to have finished airing first.
  • I will try and have a short review as well as a long form review for whatever series I’m reviewing. The short reviews will be labeled as “Ant Bite Reviews”, and the long for reviews will have spoilers.
  • Currently, I’m shooting for one review a month, with the possibility of more depending on how I’m feeling about the series I’m watching.